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Whether your loved one neglected to leave a will behind or had everything in place, their estate will need to move through probate. The Law Office of Fred Simon is here to assist you as you navigate this process. We offer services for clients in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas.

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Settling disputes in and out of court

Settling disputes in and out of court

Understanding the ins and outs of probate law is crucial for moving an estate through the process. At The Law Office of Fred Simon, we help our clients by offering...

  • Estate management. Our probate law attorney will work to fairly distribute your loved one's assets based on their wishes. These wishes are most often outlined in their will or trust.
  • Legal representation. If you want to dispute your loved one's will or have a family member who is doing the same, it's important for you to obtain representation from an estate lawyer.

If you need legal assistance or probate rescue services, reach out to Fred Simon today. He's happy to sit down with you to go over your options.